Our water jets cruise at 36,000 psi and quickly remove reinforced concrete from Roads and Bridges, Parking Garages and Industrial and Municipal Facilities such as Nuclear Power Plants, Locks and Dams, and Public Works Projects.

With the industry’s largest fleet and most experienced staff , we serve leading contractors and public & private organizations throughout the U.S and Canada and keep their projects on schedule while providing quality hydrodemolition.

Rampart’s methods are environmentally sensitive; reduce costs; use half the water of competitors; and are fast and reliable, safe, and sustainable. Our goal is to help restore America’s infrastructure while reducing the impact on the environment.

Rampart provides our customers with a professional staff and the solutions to assist in the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment. Safety is Priority #1!

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Concrete Demolition

With ultra high pressure (36,000 psi) and optimal angles of spray, we can remove from 1/4 inch to more than four feet of concrete–leaving rebar unharmed, no debris, and recycled water when we are done.



“Our Jets Cruise at 36,000 PSI®

Cleaning & Coating Removal

Our innovative, customizable equipment is used on a variety of surfaces: concrete, asphalt and metal. Services include:

Coating removal works on roads, floors, walls, ceilings, tunnels, runways, bridges, walkways, and more.