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Concrete Removal Services

Using ultra high water pressure (UHP – 35,000 psi), we can remove from 1/4 inch to more than four feet of concrete–leaving rebar undamaged and the surface pour ready. Learn More.

Cleanup Services

water reclamation services

Our vacuum trucks and water reclamation equipment can quickly cleanup wastewater and debris. Protect the environment by recovering or recycling the wastewater and debris. Learn More.

Coating Removal

Concrete Surface Preparation

Coatings and other materials can quickly be removed from concrete surfaces leaving the prepared surface ready for a new protective material. Learn More.

Airfield Services

Blast Vac Head

Using UHP water, we efficiently and safely remove rubber deposits and markings from airport runways. The water and debris are vacuumed during the removal resulting in environmentally safe rubber and paint removal. Learn More.

Featured Project

Rampart Hydro Services performing hydrodemolition in Utah

Rampart’s hydrodemolition work is making news in Utah!

Rampart Hydro Services has been working on a major interstate highway project in Utah.  The hydrodemolition work has been happening on I-215 at SR-201 in Salt Lake County.  This is the Utah Department of Transportation’s second hydrodemolition project of the year.  The first, also completed by Rampart, was in Summit & Wasatch Counties on US-40.  Later in the summer, Rampart will be working on Utah’s third hydrodemolition project also on I-215 at the Knudsen Corner Bridge.

The hydrodemolition process is significantly extending the life of Utah’s bridge decks.  Because hydrodemolition does not damage surrounding structures or cause micro-fracturing, the DOT saves time and money.  On the I-215 project, UT DOT estimates that hydrodemolition is saving approximately $2.5 million.  Read more….

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Rampart Hydro Services’ New Safety Banner

Rampart Hydro Services has created a new Safety Banner to honor our families and loved ones. Rampart wants all our employees to return home safely at the end of each work day. We created this banner to remind everyone about why safety is important. One of our field technicians submitted this banner idea as part of our Improvement Ideas program. Rampart encourages all employees to submit ideas to improve the company. These ideas can be about virtually anything, including safety, equipment, and processes/procedures. For each idea submitted, the employee receives a $10 gift card. Then, during our Annual Meetings in ...
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Rampart Hydro’s Quarterly Newsletter

Rampart Hydro Services has developed a new quarterly newsletter.  This newsletter is for anyone interested in the hydrodemolition industry, including general contractors, owners, and engineers.  The newsletter contains information about hydrodemolition projects and equipment.  It also contains a "technical corner" where one of our experts discusses a technical aspect of the hydrodemolition process or elements that affect the process.  Compressive strength of the existing concrete and how that affects hydrodemolition production rates and prices was the topic of our first newsletters' technical corner.  If you would like to sign-up to receive our newsletter, please click here.  We will be emailing our next newsletter in ...
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