Using hydrodemolition to restore America’s infrastructure for a safe and sustainable future.

Our infrastructure is in need of repair.  Everywhere we look we see deteriorating, corroding, spalling concrete.  Restoring our infrastructure while protecting our environment is our goal.  By restoring our infrastructure we can help create a safe, productive, sustainable future.  Rampart Hydro Services’ hydrodemolition process uses ultra-high pressure waterjets which can quickly remove the deteriorated concrete making way for new concrete and a new lease on life.  Whether the structure is a bridge, garage, dam, power plant or water treatment facility, Rampart has the equipment to begin the restoration process to protect America’s valuable assets. 

Hydrodemolition removes the deteriorated concrete leaving a surface that will bond integrally with the overlay or repair material providing a monolithic, durable repair. 

With the industry’s largest fleet and most experienced staff, we serve leading contractors and public & private organizations throughout the U.S and Canada and keep their projects on schedule while providing quality hydrodemolition. Utilizing both diesel-powered and electric-powered equipment, Rampart can perform hydrodemolition at any type of facility.  Rampart’s methods are safe, use less water, and are fast and reliable. 

And when it comes to safety, Rampart’s airfield rubber and paint removal ensures that runways will be safe for landing.

Safety is Priority #1.  We provide our customers with a professional staff and the solutions to assist in the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment.

Scarification – Rough & Bondable

Partial Depth Removal

Coast-To-Coast -- Providing quality hydrodemolition and hydrocleaning services across the United States and Canada

Coast-To-Coast — Providing quality hydrodemolition and hydrocleaning services across the United States and Canada

Concrete Demolition

With ultra high pressure (36,000 psi) and optimal angles of spray, we can remove from 1/4 inch to more than four feet of concrete–leaving rebar unharmed, no debris, and recycled water when we are done.



“Our Jets Cruise at 36,000 PSI®

Cleaning & Coating Removal

Our innovative, customizable equipment is used on a variety of surfaces: concrete, asphalt and metal. Services include:

Coating removal works on roads, floors, walls, ceilings, tunnels, runways, bridges, walkways, and more.