Rampart Hydro on TV!

Sep 8, 2010 in Rampart in the News

PennDOT engineers are sold on Rampart’s hydrodemolition.

Television station WJET recently ran a story about Rampart Hydro’s Grubb Road project over I-79 and I-90 in Erie County, PA.

In the report, Brent Hoover, a PennDOT construction engineer, praised our ability to remove the concrete deck with a crew of only two in less time than it would take with traditional methods.

Rampart does the job in less time, which saves money, keeps constructions projects on schedule, reduces driver inconvenience. In fact, PennDOT District Bridge Engineer Bill Koller called Rampart’s hydrodemolition a more efficient way to remove concrete from the bridge surface that was also easier on the bridge substructure. (That’s due to the reduced vibrations and minimal collateral damage compared to impact equipment like jackhammers.)

The repairs will extend the structure’s life for another 30 – 40 years, and will save Pennsylvania taxpayers money through our economical and innovative processes.

Rampart Hydro provides hydrodemolition, surface cleaning, vacuum-services and water filtration services.  Contact us or call 412-262-4511 for more information.