Meet The Mole: Rampart’s Latest Custom Built Machine

Feb 16, 2011 in Announcements, Hydrodemolition, Industry News, Scarification, Surface Cleaning

The Mole is meant to work in vey tight spaces where our traditional hydro-demo tractor can’t go.

The first project for the Mole will be inside ventilation shafts for the  Ft. McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore, MD. It will be disassembled, lowered through a 36″ diameter manhole and then reassembled. It will remain there for many months.

The pictures below show the Mole as it sprays high pressure water for the very first time.

The Mole is Rampart's latest custom machine. Here it sprays high pressure water for the very first time.

A rainbow effect can be seen as the mole sprays high pressure water on a cold but sunny day in early February, 2011.

A short video of the Mole in action.

[tubepress video= RcgDkv6Hotw]

Deteriorated Concrete

Deteriorated concrete illustrating why we are here.

Man hole.

This is the only way in.

The disassembled Mole.

The Mole was disassembled and lowered down piece by piece.

Reassembled Mole.

Here is the Mole reassembled and ready for action.