Rampart Completes One of the Largest Hydrodemolition Projects to Date

Mar 6, 2012 in Announcements

Rampart Completes One of the Largest Hydrodemolition Projects to Date

Rampart Hydro Services of Pittsburgh, PA has recently completed one of largest continuous concrete hydro – demolition projects ever performed in the world on a large Parking Garage Rehabilitation. The hydrodemolition was performed as part of the preparation of the floor surface for Concrete Repair.

This project included the removal of 600,000 square feet of concrete from the upper level of the East Monroe Parking Garage in Chicago, IL. The depth of removal for this project was 4.5 inches. The rough dimensions of the garage floor were 1,000 feet by 600 feet. The hydrodemolition operation was completed in just over 130 working days, running on a six day per week schedule.

With over 1,000 columns located throughout the garage, Rampart’s Technicians were able to cut to within one inch of the vertical surface of each column, eliminating excessive labor for chipping around the columns. With the largest fleet of Ultra High Pressure Pumps in the world, Rampart dedicated twelve pumps for this project. Even with the enormous demand for production on this project; Rampart was able to meet the needs of all of our customers across the United States and Canada, throughout the duration of this project.

The services provided during the project included:

  • Hydrodemolition
  • Cleanup of debris generated by the hydrodemolition
  • Wastewater Treatment of the water generated by the hydrodemolition and cleanup efforts

The Hydrodemolition portion of the massive project was completed four months in advance. This was accomplished largely due to the excellent communication between Rampart Hydro Services and the General Contractor. With Rampart’s experienced Technicians and superior Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters, no project is too large or too small. Rampart would like to thank our customers for providing us with this great opportunity and allowing us to continue to help repair America’s Infrastructure.

Below are some images from the project:

Chicago Parking Garage_Before

Chcago Parking garage_During.

Chicago Parking Garage_After