Capabilities of the Hydrodemolition hand lance/hand wand.

June 22, 2012 |

Yes, it is true that there are hand lances or hand wands in the Hydrodemolition industry that operate at the same ultra-high pressure as the standard cutting tractor/robot (35k psi).  These hand lances are not necessarily designed for bulk concrete removal as in the case of the standard cutting robot that is commonly seen on various Hydrodemolition projects.  The biggest difference is not the operating pressure, but the actual flow or volume of water that can pumped through the hand held wand.  The hand lance operating at 35k psi, can only safely handle approximately 5-6 gpm, opposed to the 32 gpm which all of our standard robots are designed for.  This lack of volume of water makes any removal beyond approximately ½”, extremely slow and labor intensive.  The most ideal applications are for membrane, coating and paint removal, along with light concrete surface preparation/scarification (approx. 1/8” – 1/4”).

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