How much material will come out?

Jun 22, 2012 in Announcements

This very commonly asked question is very difficult to answer accurately.  Many contractors, whom are not very experienced with the Hydrodemoliton process, tend to routinely ask this very question.  Since the technology is designed to remove delaminating and or deteriorating material within the concrete structure, this is never exactly known until the removal process begins.  There is no magic equation that can be used to begin calculations pertaining to “weak” concrete beyond the originally calibrated removal depth.  Since it is rare to have any complete or accurate concrete analysis information during the bid process, visual inspections from top and underside of the bridge deck are usually all that can be performed.  The total amount of reinforcing corrosion is the determining factor.  The more sound the concrete is, the more uniform the removal will be.  Simply put, the higher levels of deterioration, the higher volume of material will be removed incidentally with the Hydrodemolition process.