Rampart Hydro’s Quarterly Newsletter

Dec 9, 2016 in Announcements, Hydrodemolition, Industry News, Press Release
Rampart Hydro’s Quarterly Newsletter

Rampart Hydro Services has developed a new quarterly newsletter.  This newsletter is for anyone interested in the hydrodemolition industry, including general contractors, owners, and engineers.  The newsletter contains information about hydrodemolition projects and equipment.  It also contains a “technical corner” where one of our experts discusses a technical aspect of the hydrodemolition process or elements that affect the process.  Compressive strength of the existing concrete and how that affects hydrodemolition production rates and prices was the topic of our first newsletters’ technical corner.  If you would like to sign-up to receive our newsletter, please click here.  We will be emailing our next newsletter in January. In addition to the regular articles, there will be a special article about bridge deck replacement.  Yes, that’s right; hydrodemolition is not just for bridge deck overlay preparation (although it’s great for that!).  Hydrodemolition can make your bridge deck replacement project faster and more efficient. If you can’t wait until January, please feel free to contact Tom McCann at (412) 262-4511 x119. He would be glad to discuss your bridge deck replacement project right now.

Rampart Hydro Services has been specializing in hydrodemolition for more than 25 years.  Our personnel are experts in the field and can provide quality information at any project stage.  We have had many conversations with engineers when a project is still in development (even providing budgetary pricing).  Our conversations with general contractors take place all throughout the bidding process, and continue through project scheduling and completion.  We even get calls about projects that maybe did not go as planned and now the owner, general contractor, or engineer needs a repair solution.

Rampart Hydro Services Newsletter (Oct. 2016)

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