ACI RAP Bulletin 14

American Concrete Institute (ACI) – RAP Bulletin 14


RAP-14: Concrete Removal Using Hydrodemolition

The following abstract is from ACI’s website:

This method may be used in a broad range of applications requiring concrete removal and surface preparation prior to installation of a repair material. Removal of deteriorated concrete may include concrete that is spalled, cracked, delaminated, chloride contaminated, carbonated, or damaged by fire or cycles of freezing and thawing. It may also include removal of sound concrete to provide proper clearance under the reinforcing steel or to provide a minimum thickness of repair material. The process may be used when vibration of the structure from the use of impact removal methods may lead to further damage or where vibration and sound is easily transmitted and will interfere with the simultaneous occupancy and use of the structure.

ACI Rap-14 Cover Page

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