Runway Rubber and Paint Removal

Due to extreme force and friction, airplane tires leave a little rubber on the runway at each take-off and landing. With repeated use, near constant use in some locations, rubber builds on the surface and reduces the friction needed to both stop on landing and build speed on take-off. Left unchecked, that would lead to dangerous conditions for millions of passengers daily.

Our powerful jets remove the rubber build-up, which is then vacuumed with the wastewater for safe disposal.  Thus, correcting this highly unsafe condition.

Read more about our rubber removal services or investigate sample specifications for 95%or 100% removal.


BlasterVac performing runway rubber & paint removal

In addition to rubber removal, airports often require the removal of paint from runways.  After time the runway paint begins to deteriorate, fade, or possibly new markings are required due to a change in airfield services, that’s where Rampart comes in.  Using the same powerful machine used to remove rubber, we can also perform paint removal and clean the runway to allow for new paint markings to be applied.

Where are these services performed?

JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Dulles, BWI, Reagan, Logan, Charlotte-Douglas, Hartsfield, Palm Beach, Miami International, Tampa, Birmingham, O’Hare, Midway, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Lambert, Love Field, San Francisco International, Sky Harbor, Oakland International, Tulsa, Dallas-Fort Worth, Clearwater-St. Pete, Columbus, San Jose, Albuquerque Sunport, Reno/Tahoe, SeaTac, and Bob Hope.

Those airports are among the more than fifty (50) passenger and commercial facilities where Rampart Hydro Services has efficiently and effectively removed rubber and paint from runways.

Military bases also require rubber and paint removal services.  We have successfully completed these project at over 50 military facilities in 24 states and the District of Columbia (DC).

What other services are performed at airports?

Most, if not all, commercial airports have large parking garages.  Rampart has performed hydrodemolition at numerous garages across the country to facilitate the rehabilitation of deteriorated, delaminated concrete in these structures.  From partial depth to full depth concrete removal, from above-ground parking decks and ramps to below-grade parking levels, Rampart has done it all.  No parking garage is too big or too small for us.  We have also completed many traffic coating membrane removal project at these parking garages.  Traffic coating membrane is thick and can sometimes be hard to removal, but not for Rampart’s ultra-high pressure waterjets.  And we can accomplish it without damaging the underlying surface.