General contractor:

Hydrodemolition contractor:



Project engineer:

Project completion date:

New York Department of Transportation

Economy Paving Co., Inc.

Rampart Hydro Services

21,000 SF

3.0 inches

New York Department of Transportation

May 2015

This project was located on Routes 5 & 20 over Norfolk Southern Railroad in Geneva, New York. Rampart performed concrete bridge deck hydrodemolition to a depth of 3” over an area approximately 21,000 SF.  In addition to hydrodemolition, we also performed solid debris cleanup using our vacuum trucks.  Our powerful vacuum trucks are built to our specifications and assist in both water control and debris removal. The vacuum trucks have an integrated 10,000-psi water blaster, so the hydrodemolished surface can be water blasted and vacuumed in the same operation.  More information about our cleanup and debris removal process can be found at http://rampart-hydro.com/vacuum-services/.

Bridge hydrodemolition project 1
Rampart equipment and personnel performing hydrodemolition and vacuum debris cleanup in the snow in New York.