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New York Department of Transportation

Webster, NY

Crane-Hogan Structural Systems

Rampart Hydro Services

37,000 SF

3.0 inches

New York Department of Transportation

September 2016

This project was located along Route 104 in Monroe County, NY. Rampart performed concrete bridge deck hydrodemolition to a depth of 3” over an area approximately 37,000 SF.  The work took place on six bridges.  In addition to hydrodemolition, we also performed water control and collection, solid debris cleanup, and wastewater treatment.  The wastewater was treated as required to allow for land discharge based on New York State DOT specifications in compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requirements.  Rampart made the necessary adjustments to the water to achieve specific pH and turbidity levels using our custom-designed Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS®).  The unit can filter wastewater to 1 micron using diatomaceous earth.  Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and turbidity are lowered, followed by pH treatment.

bridge deck hydrodemolition
Hydrodemolition cutting unit
bridge deck hydrodemolition
Bridge deck following hydrodemolition and cleanup
bridge deck hydrodemolition
Custom-designed TracVac cleanup unit
bridge deck hydrodemolition
Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS)