General contractor:

Hydrodemolition contractor:



Project engineer:

Project completion date:

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Burlington & Mercer Counties, NJ

D’Annunzio & Sons, Inc.

Rampart Hydro Services

3,000 SY

2.5 inches

HNTB Corporation

July 2014

This bridge project was located on the New Jersey Turnpike near Interchange 7A in Bordentown. Rampart performed concrete bridge deck hydrodemolition to a depth of 2.5” over an area approximately 3,000 SY.  In addition to hydrodemolition, we also performed debris cleanup and wastewater treatment and recycling.  The wastewater was filtered and treated using our custom-designed Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS®).  The treated water was then recycled back into our hydrodemolition system.  Our ultra-high pressure (UHP) systems use significantly less water than low pressure pumps.  Having the ability to recycle the water, allows Rampart to conserve even more of this valuable resource.

bridge project
Rampart's Field Technician operating TracVac unit for vacuum cleanup
bridge project
Hydrodemolition cutting unit
bridge project
Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS)
bridge project
Rampart Hydro Services' equipment on bridge deck