Environmental Sensitivity

While all hydrodemolition methods use water, our ultra-high pressure methods use only about 50% of the volume used by our hydrocompetitors.

Photo of Rampart Hydro Blaster in mountain meadow

Reduced water usage generates substantial direct and indirect cost savings for contractors and customers, and it allows far more effective recovery and control of expended water.

Depending upon the depth of the concrete to be removed (per the customer’s specification) and the work site’s terrain and location, Rampart Hydro recovers water in one of two ways:

  1. With state-of-the-art suction and vacuum technology
  2. Through the careful design of run-off and retention systems

Regardless of the method deployed, wastewater is contained and does not enter the local environment until it is fit to do so–per all federal, state, and local regulations. We have kept wastewater from environmentally-sensitive areas, lakes, and rivers on a number of occasions, including two pairs of bridges over environmentally-sensitive rivers in Maryland.  (In addition, a portion of that work was performed in center lane closures with live traffic on both sides of the construction area.) Our “dry-hydro” vacuum methods solved both problems.

Rampart Hydro filters and treats water with care for our hydrodemolition and surface cleaning projects or for any such project–whether it is ours or another firm’s.