Compared to traditional demolition and concrete removal methods for infrastructure repair and rehabilitation projects, hydrodemolition is much more capital intensive; machines do the work of several workers, and mechanized, robotic units reduce labor and minimize injuries compared to chipping hammers.

Rampart Hydro has the capacity to rapidly design machines that remove concrete where humans would otherwise have difficulty, e.g., on vertical and/or high surfaces where workers must hold and control heavy equipment, like jackhammers, or where the work would be dangerous or impossible.

While hydrodemolition involves water, with proper control, it is not particularly messy, especially when “dry-hydro” methods are used that vacuum the water inches from and immediately after it demolishes the concrete.

Because it is wet, Hydrodemolition has an enormous health-related benefit: it minimizes (actually eliminates) dust and the potential for silicosis and other respiratory illnesses to workers and nearly inhabitants.