Rampart Hydro designs and builds the specialized equipment employed on hydrodemolition, surface cleaning, vacuuming, and water filtration projects.

Our fleet includes many customized and unique mechanisms that allow us to remove concrete and clean surfaces from virtually any location and from almost any position.  This customized equipment provides us with a unique advantage within the industry.

We not only have the largest and most diverse fleet of hydrodemolition, surface cleaning, vacuuming, and water filtration equipment in the industry, but if you give us a month, the professional staff and mechanics at Rampart can design and build equipment for just about any application.

In fact, every specialized piece of equipment on these pages was designed to solve a particular customer’s problem and are available to solve yours.

So whether your project requires concrete removal or surface cleaning of walls, tunnels, overhead areas, columns, high-reach areas, underwater structures or of standard surfaces like floors, bridges, and overpasses, we can perform the work and keep your project on schedule.

Images and descriptions of much of Rampart’s fleet appear on the subpages, here.

•  Blaster & BlasterVac Trucks

•  Column Cutter

•  Hand Lances

•  High-Reach Robot

•  Hydrodemolition Cutting Units

•  Hydrodemolition Trailer

•  Mobile Water Filtration Units

•  TracVac®

•  Tunnel Master

•  Underwater Hydrodemolition Unit

•  Vacuum Trucks

•  Wall Machines

•  Hydrodemolition X-Pumps