Membrane Removal

Coatings, such as urethanes, epoxies and other membranes must be removed and re-applied when they reach the end of their useful life.

Rampart’s ultra-high pressure surfacing cleaning is an effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly way to remove urethane deck coating, along with membranes, sealants, and other coatings.

Photo of partially removed membraneWhether the urethane deck coating is fully-adhered, partially-debonded or a multiple coat application, Rampart can safely remove it with a robotic tractor, a self-propelled “mower” unit, or hand lance. We can remove membrane and other coatings on vertical or horizontal surfaces, on columns, and in cracks and joints.

Even buried membranes that are hot-applied and sheet waterproofing are safely and easily removed with our ultra-high pressure wash.

Using a fine water jet, we shred the surface membrane without damaging the concrete surface.

The loose material that remains on the surface along with the separate membrane and wastewater is collected and disposed of according to all federal, state, local environmental regulations.

After a quick rinsing, the surface dries and is ready to be recoated or sealed.

Mechanical removal system–like grinders, scrapers or milling machines–cannot remove coatings without also removing some of the concrete and exposing the underlying aggregate. That’s downright abrasive!

Photo of dried and lifted membrane after ultra high pressure washIn other cases, methods like shot blasting and sandblasting are simply ineffective. For example, in Ohio, we removed an uncured resin system that had been applied to  50,000 square feet of the bridge deck .  The resin had remained sticky and tacky following its application, and shot blasting and sandblasting did not remove the material. We did.