Rampart offers its mobile water filtration units for our hydrodemolition and surface cleaning projects.  The largest fleet of hydrodemolition vehicles and equipment in the industry also contains more water filtration units than any other in the industry.

Rampart Hydro Services is rapidly becoming the Hydrodemolition “Going Green” industry leader  by introducing it’s Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS®)! Our goal is to make the hydrodemolition process more environmentally friendly by filtering, treating and recycling wastewater. This unit will allow Rampart to reuse the treated water back through the Ultra High Pressure Pumps greatly reducing the amount of water needed for operation, saving money and natural resources for future generations.

mobile water filtration unit

•  Removes suspended solids (TSS)

•  Reduces PH to between 5 and 9, safe for discharge

•  Environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth for filtration

•  Self contained and portable, No site impact


Large Filter Media Drum

Self Contained Power Unit

3000 Gallon Slurry Tank

500 Gallon PH Reducing Tank

Filters and Treats 3,500 Gallons Per Hour

Liquid slurry converted to dry solids

Disposal costs reduced

Used Filter Media Is Suitable for Landfill