Paint and pavement markings (such as roadway and runway stripping) are no match for Rampart’s ultra-high pressure surface-cleaning equipment. Ultra-high pressure forces water through tiny waterjet nozzles at very high velocity. Friction warms the water to 140°. The combination of pressure and heat is sufficient to easily remove paint from concrete and asphalt surfaces. Even better however, is the ability of the waterjet to remove paint and other materials from the micro-texture of concrete and asphalt surface as well as the grooves and rumble strips. The waterjet reaches down into the surface to remove paint from below the surface. Grinding and shot blasting equipment must cut down into the surface to remove all traces of the paint leaving an unsightly and potentially dangerous deep grove or ditch in the surface. No chemicals or detergents are added, or needed, for paint removal.

When the BlasterVac attacks paint, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of. All types of line stripping including latex, thermoplastic, epoxy and tape are quickly obliterated. Our ultra-high pressure water efficiently and safely removes and vacuums away the paint and other marking material and the wastewater. We do it without damaging the existing surface. Our ultra-high pressure water jets have the ability to reach down into the groves to remove all the marking material.

Using our BlasterVac trucks, we remove the paint and marking materials while continuously vacuuming the debris and wastewater from the runway and roadway surface. Chemicals, which may damage the environment are not needed or used. Only clean, potable water is required to safely perform paint removal. During the removal process the existing road and runway surfaces are unharmed by the water jets. In case of an emergency such as at an airfield, our trucks can stop cleaning and quickly exit the runway allowing for an emergency landing.

With over twenty-five (25) years of experience cleaning runway paint, Rampart has the capacity and the know-how do the job correctly, the first time.

Our process is environmentally-friendly, too. Immediately after the paint is removed, the chips are vacuumed from the roadway surface and disposed of according to federal, state, and local environmental regulations.  The water can be safely discharged or treated. The ultra-high pressure water jetting pump and vacuuming equipment is all contained within a single vehicle making water jetting removal of markings the most cost efficient method.

Paint removal

BlasterVac removing line stripping

Paint Removal Service

UHP rotating waterjets effectively remove paint and other contaminants.

Paint removal

Paint removed from asphalt surface.

Paint Removal

Yellow line removed from rumble strips.