Parking garages, whether stand-alone structures or integrated beside or under other buildings, are composed almost entirely of

Parking Garages

East Monroe Street Garage

reinforced concrete. When that concrete deteriorates and the garage needs to be rehabilitated, hydrodemolition is a natural choice.

There’s no messy dust to cover cars, elevators, ventilation systems or to escape outside. In addition, unlike impact methods, like jackhammering, hydrodemolition–while not quiet–does not create vibrations that can be heard or felt throughout the structure. In fact, when Rampart worked on the rehabilitation of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the center was able to hold performances without any disruptions from us.

At Rampart, with our innovative equipment, we are not limited to concrete removal in parking garages or on parking decks and ramps. We can remove reinforced walls and columns too.

Rampart does not just perform hydrodemolition in parking garages, we can also perform membrane removal and other cleaning services.  Heavy traffic creates dirts and traps and grinds rubber, grease, and other fluids into the decks and ramps.  Because parking authorities have a need to remove those pollutants as well as the need for periodic removal and replacement of parking space lines and other traffic control lines, Rampart provides surface cleaning and paint removal services.  We have worked in parking garages across the United States and Canada.