Rampart Hydro Services completes projects on a variety of different structures.  Our projects can be categorized many different ways, yet they fall into two main service groups:

  1. removing reinforced concrete for reconstruction, repair, or overlay projects
  2. surface cleaning of concrete and other materials

Any type of reinforced concrete structure may be a good candidate for hydrodemolition, such as bridges, dams, parking garages, wastewater treatment plants, tunnels, piers, and many more.  Surface cleaning can be done to remove rubber and paint buildup from runways, to remove traffic coating membrane from parking garages, and to correct bleeding or flushed asphalt on highways, as well as numerous other applications.

On these projects pages, you will find examples of particular types of jobs and types of customers. For example, Rampart has successfully performed prep work (concrete demolition and removal) for over 5oo bridge and overpass repair projects.  We have cleaned rubber and paint from runways at many of the nation’s largest passenger airports, air force bases, and naval air stations.

Whether we are removing concrete on a bridge deck hundreds of feet above a valley floor, on a spillway fifty feet underwater, or from a tunnel ceiling that is hundreds of feet below ground, you can be sure that the work will be done right, on-time, and with minimal disturbance to the environment.  Ensuring that our customers, both general contractors and project owners, are satisfied with our final product is of utmost importance to us.

Please follow the links below to learn more about our projects.

Bridge Hydrodemolition
Parking garages
Tunnels & pipelines