Bridges and Roads

Of Rampart Hydro’s completed projects, over 80% have involved concrete removal on bridges and overpasses. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, we have removed concrete bridge decks, joints, approach slabs, parapets, and substructures. In addition, we provide bridge surface cleaning services like paint and line removal.
We have worked on extremely long spans, like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and very short ones over small Midwestern creeks. Our projects have included fixed structures, and movable ones like cantilever and lift bridges, including Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge.

We have worked roadways and over roadways, railways, bays, rivers, national parks and other environmentally-sensitive areas.

With ultra high pressure, we use about one-half of the water consumed by other hydrodemolition firms.

Beside the substantial cost savings of the reduced water usage, the lower volumes and our industry leading recovery methods means that we can:

  1. contain water and debris within a small area;
  2. vacuum that debris, including water; and
  3. filter the recovered water and return it to a potable state.

Our methods are very clean and extremely well-suited for environmentally-sensitive areas, and while we work at ultra high pressures, our hydro jets are precisely controlled. Given their power and their amazing destructive abilities, they generate little over-splash and practically no collateral damage.

Rampart Hydro performs both hydrodemolition work for bridge repair and surface cleaning work on bridges. For example, on the Commodore Barry Bridge near Philadelphia, we surface cleaned 889,000 square feet of the bridge deck surface in preparation for the application of the corrosion inhibitor Protosil.  Ultra-high pressure cleaning was specified by the manufacturer to insure that all cracks were cleaned so that the sealant could penetrate all cracks and provide corrosion protection for the three-mile-long bridge over the Delaware River.