Concrete dams, designed for flood-control, irrigation, or the provision of hydro-electric power, have limited life spans and face severe pressures, stresses, and harsh operating environments. Spillways are subject to the constant flow of millions of gallons of water and enormous friction and erode through time.

When concrete on the dam, spillway, or basin erodes or deteriorates, it must be removed and repaired quickly and safely with minimum disruption. For that reason,┬áRampart’s hydrodemolition methods are perfectly-suited for both large-scale dam repair projects, like the Folsom Dam in California or the Canyon Ferry Dam in Montana, as well as smaller projects like the repair of the Quemahoning Dam in Pennsylvania. Those are just a few of the many reinforced, concrete dams that Rampart has helped repair.

Dam and spillway hydrodemolition can be performed in both dry and wet (underwater) locations. The slides below show both types of work–at both Folsom and Canyon Ferry, along with a few other work sites, respectively.

Note: ┬áit was difficult to photograph the demolition work at Canyon Ferry because, with our special underwater hydrodemolition unit, the work was performed fifty-feet below the water’s surface!