Paint Removal

Like other coatings, paint and pavement markings (such as roadway and runway stripping) are no match for Rampart’s ultra high pressure surface-cleaning equipment.

Ultra high pressure forces water through tiny spray holes at very high speeds. Friction warms the water to 140°, and the combination of pressure and heat is sufficient to remove paint in the concrete’s micro-texture or asphalt surfaces and in the grooves, tines and rumble strips. No chemicals or detergents are added or needed.

Rampart’s powerful pumps and Blaster spray heads push water through the narrow hydro jets to reach the substrate without damaging the top surface; so, rumble strips remain audible.

When the Blaster attacks paint, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of. All types of line stripping–latex, thermo, epoxy and reinforced tape–are quickly obliterated at rates up to 5,000 linear feet per hour.

Our process is environmentally-friendly, too. Immediately after the paint is removed, the chips are vacuumed from the roadway surface and disposed according to federal, state, and local environmental regulations, and the water can be safely discharged or treated. In fact, our BlasterVac combines spraying and vacuuming within the push mechanism and truck.