Vacuum Services

Debris Removal & Dry Hydro®

For reconstruction projects, the demolition of old, deficient bridge decks, roads, floors or surfaces is only half of the task.

Demolished debris must be removed and the surface must be prepared for repairs to reinforcing metal and to accept and bond with the improvements, e.g. new concrete.

Rampart, with the largest fleet in the industry, provides complete concrete removal packages including hydrodemolition, water control, debris removal, water treatment.

Our powerful vacuum trucks are built to exacting specifications and play a crucial role in both water control and debris removal. In fact, they simultaneously take-away both, and have an integrated 10,000-psi water pump, so the hydrodemolished surface can be pressure-washed and vacuumed in the same operationDuring hydrodemolition, a separate vacuum truck may be connected directly to the hydrodemolition robot so water is collected continuously as the work progresses.

For other applications like high-speed scarification and surface cleaning, we may use a combo unit, like the BlasterVac, which houses both demolition/cleaning unit and vacuum equipment on the same vehicle.

Dry Hydrodemolition®

Hydrodemolition is a process that uses a lot of water.  Because Rampart uses 50% less water than others we are able to control the water at the cutting machine with our vacuum trucks.  The process is called Dry Hydrodemolition, this process can reduce the amount of support staff needed to complete a project and also contain the water in the immediate work are.  Whether the vacuum is on a separate vehicle or not, suctioning directly from the cutting or blasting head eliminates the need for gravity-based retention systems and reduces the likelihood that uncontrolled wastewater will enter traffic lanes. In fact, it removes so much of the water that we refer to the process as Dry Hydro. That may seem like an oxymoron, but look at the photos:

Photo of Rampart Hydro field technician using using hydrodemolition vacuum tractor on Idaho bridge

The TracVac®

When concrete must be removed from under exposed rebar, our custom TracVac unit is connected to a (vacuum) truck to water-blast and suction the debris. By using tread tracs rather than tires, the TracVac moves over the rebar and performs its work without damaging it.

Photo of Rampart Hydro field technician using using TracVac to power wash and vacuum debris