Rampart Hydro Services has performed numerous concrete removal and surface preparation/cleaning projects in tunnels and pipelines.  We have the largest fleet of hydrodemolition and surface cleaning equipment in the industry, as well as the most dedicated and talented staff.  This combination allows use to modify our existing equipment to fit into almost any type, shape, size, or circumference of pipe or tunnel.  And if modifying is not enough, we are constantly custom-designing new equipment for project specific applications.  “We’ll just build it” is a phrase we hear often around our shop and office facilities.

Whether that is in a tunnel, pipeline, or culvert, we have the knowledge, experience, and skills to remove reinforced concrete.  That’s important because in many environments, vertical surfaces in these structures and conduits need to be repaired as much as floors and bottom surfaces.  Rampart has the unique ability to assist in these projects.  We have equipment that can remove concrete from vertical or overhead surfaces, just as efficiently as on floor surfaces.

Our unique, custom-designed Tunnel Master makes quick work of removed deteriorated, delaminated concrete from pipes and tunnels.

Liberty Tunnel, Pittsburgh, PA
Wheeling Tunnel, Wheeling, WV